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Quebec Scientific
Entrepreneurship Program

Are you curious about entrepreneurship but don’t know where to start? The QcSE program offers a safe space to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, frame your research through an entrepreneurial lens, and explore its real-life applications beyond academia. 

Tony Wang, PhD student in Experimental Medicine, QcSe Graduate


Hear from a scientist who explored entrepreneurship and never looked back.

Kashif completed the program to assess applications of his research in the market.

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“The QcSE program presents an exciting option for academics to see their laboratory work have real-world impact through their mastery of entrepreneurial skills.”

Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of Québec.

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  • Expected boom of health and life sciences startups
    The startup community is booming in the health and life sciences sectors.
  • From Lab to Market
    Developing immediate solutions and long-term plans for rebuilding the Quebec economy.
  • Closing the gender gap in STEM startups
    A new wave of women scientists venture into entrepreneurship