Fatma Oudjedi


Clean Tech


Hardware & Electronics


Fatma Oudjedi, Ph.D. Candidate


Renewable Products to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

While completing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at McGill University, Fatma Oudjedi was eager to have a positive impact on the world. When she discovered the Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship program (QCSE), she wanted to assess whether entrepreneurship was for her.

According to Fatma, she considers entrepreneurship as a great opportunity to make a global impact in her field. “You solve challenging problems by looking into innovative ways to create and explore various solutions that respond to the needs of your clients and sectors.” She adds that it’s more than a career choice, “it’s a journey where you thrive as an impactful entrepreneur making a positive difference in the world.”

The Solution

Fatma sought to develop a solution to reduce power consumption in integrated circuits, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. QcSE allowed her to expand her network with people in the renewable energy sector. She also benefited from interactions with other entrepreneurs completing the program and realized the importance of “being flexible and comfortable that your initial idea will change into a different product or service because of discussions with your prospects, customers, and stakeholders.”

The Journey

Fatma greatly benefited from having a sounding board. “The generous time and precious advice that I received from business coaches, prospect clients and lead actors in the clean tech sectors during the program left me amazed and pushed me to move forward in establishing a clean tech startup.” She also encourages others to complete the program, “QcSE will help you build up the skills of being an entrepreneur through first-hand experience and gain lessons on how to future-proof your career and business. The learnings, the networking, the mental growth that you attain are priceless.”