Jay Pimprikar, Polymath Scientific


Healthcare & Biopharma


Synthetic Biology, Microfluidics


Jay Pimprikar


Biosensor for Diagnosing COVID-19

As a voracious learner, Jay Primpikar completed a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Physics from Concordia University. While he enjoyed his studies, he realized that he wanted to leverage his scientific knowledge to create solutions that can help individuals in lower resource settings.

The Solution

His pilot project involved developing a cost-effective paper-based biosensor capable of efficiently and accurately diagnosing COVID-19 which can be mass-manufactured. The technology leverages simple capillary flow and could be quickly incinerated after use to limit further contagion.

The Journey

The QcSE program allowed Jay to understand the opportunities and realities of entrepreneurship. “My biggest takeaways were learning how to brainstorm, draft and iterate on the business model canvas, and how to approach and conduct customer interviews.”

Jay feels more comfortable taking the leap into entrepreneurship. He notes that “QcSE showed me a bare-bones skeleton of what it takes to become an entrepreneur and how to lessen the risks involved to help with the transition.”

After completing the program, Jay joined District 3’s Market Discovery program to develop his startup roadmap, further refine his industry-gap analysis, and develop his prototype.