Kashif Khan


Kashif Khan


Ph.D. candidate in Experimental Surgery


Prediction, treatment, prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Kashif Khan is a PhD candidate in experimental surgery. His work focuses on improving patient outcomes within the field of cardiac surgery. Being passionate about developing novel ideas and innovations within the medical industry, he decided to join the District 3’s Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program to assess potential applications of his research in the market.

The Solution

Through the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning, PLAKK aspires to revolutionize how researchers and clinicians characterize atherosclerotic plaques. By better understanding what the plaque is made of, the team will be able to improve the prediction, treatment, and ultimately the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

The Journey

The QcSE program provided Kashif with the frameworks and the assistance necessary to further develop his startup, PLAKK, by identifying a real need in the market.

“We spoke with researchers and clinicians, and we found that this was a huge need to be addressed.” – Kashif Khan, Co-founder of Plakk