Valentina Goanta


Valentina Goanta


Cell & Molecular Biology


Using machine learning to intelligently detect and count cell colonies for scientific research

With a background in Cell & Molecular Biology, Valentina has always been interested in the translational approach of bioinformatics and computational biology, as well as artificial intelligence and how it can be implemented in the medical field.  The QcSE program helped in her entrepreneurial journey at Pytri, she and her team are optimizing the efficiency in the research pipeline of molecular biologists.

The Solution

The idea behind Pytri came from the lack of efficiency in the research pipeline of molecular biologists, more specifically —  cell counting. Pytri aims to solve the problem of the extensive hours required to count cell colony formations and identification of contaminants through machine learning which intelligently detects and counts cell colonies for biology research.

The Journey

Valentina participated in the QcSE Summer 2021 cohort. In 3 short months, she was able to validate the structure for her startup’s business model. The program also helped her and the team ask important questions regarding overall progress and map out future plans effectively.

“I had the opportunity to expand my network and get hands-on practical experience from other driven participants similar to me. The program also gave me the tools and skill sets which I have used along my entrepreneurial journey. For example design thinking, the 10 rules of thumb for crafting better questions and the business model template.”

The team also really enjoyed watching lectures at their own pace combined with synchronous webinars with the entire cohort. This type of learning was very well structured and contributed to getting the most out of this course.