Brandon Jaunky


Brandon Jaunky


Cellular and Molecular biology


Optimizing the natural capabilities of micro-algae to conserve marine life

With a Bachelor degree in cellular and molecular biology and a Masters in synthetic biology, Brandon evolved his career from biomarker analytics to developing new industrially relevant biotechnologies to solve global challenges facing our planet. The QcSE program helped him in his entrepreneurial journey.

The Solution

In an effort to combat the socio-economic stress currently endured by the aquaculture industry, GC Lipid Tech strives to develop cleantech solutions with micro-algae and provide the world with a multitude of sustainable, impactful and safe biotechnologies.

The Journey

Brandon joined QcSE during the Spring 2021 cohort. The program gave him the tools to reframe his thinking around entrepreneurship: He expanded his mindset beyond the lab enabling his communication and outreach in the startup ecosystem.

The classes and workshops empowered him to assume different roles adapting the scientific lingo to more investor and end-user language. “The peer interaction with other entrepreneurs contributing to the program, whose experiences are similar to mine, gave me the right practical resources needed which were not only theoretical”

Brandon also gained insights from experts and program managers, enabling him to accelerate his mindset and journey towards commercialization. Brandon and GC Lipid Tech are now continuing their startup journey with 1:1 coaching at District 3. They have secured their first client to develop sustainable skincare products and have recently been nominated as finalists in the final round of the Ocean Startup Challenge.